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Your gaze is enchained to the infinite grass valleys and unapproachable mountain tops, your mouth tastes pure spring water, hands touch the bark of a centenary-old tree, legs tread over morning dew, while ears revel in the divine chant of birds… Never mind if this is only a dream or a true-to-life imagination inspired by high-quality wallpapers: esthetic pleasure is right side up!

The variety of themes for your PC/laptop/smartphone home background makes the heart soar. Frankly speaking, any of your fancies might be satisfied with a selection of dedicated images. Whatever place you live, whatever position you take - it would be a maddening neglect to deprive yourself from the world of imagery!

Fans of nature motives will find trees, valleys, field flowers, landscapes, waterfalls, natural phenomena wallpapers a true discovery for their PCs. Art devotees are sure to enjoy image replicas of painting and sculpture masterpieces, whereas beauty connoisseurs might feel happiness, detailing magnifying visuals of leaves, ice/rain drops, insects, etc.

Urban worshipers find no better pleasure than filling their gadgets with fantastic buildings, hi-tech accessories and abstractions. Gamers would not miss the chance of immerging into the gaming session one more time during working routine; admirers of movie and show-biz personalities would definitely place the beloved image on their smartphone just to delight it once and once again, while children might hope to see their fictional cartoon characters wherever they go. What type of a devotee are you?

Moreover, finding an inspiring background image for your gadget is no bother. Our collection of theme-based wallpapers is all you need. Just select the subject of your choice and here you are with hundreds of dedicated prime visuals which you can change every other day or hour!